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Broadcast Message Bounced Account Reporting
Oct 05, 2020

We have added a process to the broadcast messaging system for reporting and stopping bounces that occur because of email accounts that are no longer working or because of invalid text messaging settings. The new report link is located in the admin area > messaging tab. Click the Bounced Accounts link to view the report.

The Bounced Accounts report will show the email or text messaging settings that bounced and the user account that they belong to. It also shows the exact bounce message and date/time of the bounce.

Any address listed in the bounced accounts report will not be included in future broadcast messages unless the account settings are updated with a new email or with updated text messaging settings. This will improve your sites ability to deliver messages as you will only be sending to valid accounts over time.

Users can login and update their own account settings or admins can update the user's account settings directly through the report page.

On the bounced accounts report page click the Update button next to one of the listed bounces and a new window will open. If the bounce was from an email address it will let you update their email address directly. Or if the bounce was from their text messaging settings you can update the cell phone or provider directly.

Make sure to review the @domain of their email address for typos. For example if a user enters a typo like @gmaill.com you can click the Update button and quickly correct the address to @gmail.com.

If you have any questions let us know.

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